Amgen Launches Tools for Basic Biology Research

Amgen has created a catalog of qualified tools and reagents available to academic institutions to help further research and advance basic discoveries in biology, as well as deepen relationships with academic institutions. This catalog and its associated materials are called the Amgen Biology-Enabling Resource (AmBER).

AmBER is comprised of more than 1,000 elements and includes small molecules, peptides, antibodies and recombinant proteins, engineered cell lines, and genetically engineered mice. These are tools created to support discovery activities throughout Amgen’s history and have been extensively validated in most cases.

Amgen scientists and staff assembled these materials and have organized pertinent information into a searchable catalog. This catalog is available to designated institutions. Amgen will provide the materials on request as a donation to the cause of basic science—with no claim to ownership of intellectual property to discoveries that may ensue. As specific materials are depleted, Amgen anticipates others will be added so that AmBER continues as an evolving resource for academics.

Source: Amgen

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