Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Intrexon Corp. Form API Pact

Intrexon Corporation, a company specializing in synthetic biology, and Amneal Pharmaceuticals LLC, a generic-drug company, have formed an exclusive channel collaboration (ECC) for a target active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) using Intrexon’ proprietary microbial-based expression system. The goal of the collaboration is to develop a consistent, scalable, and cost-effective process for the targeted complex API.

This collaboration with Amneal marks Intrexon’s third partnered program this year in which the company is applying its microbial technology platform to produce APIs more efficiently than current methods. By using pathway development as well as strain and fermentation optimization to advance API production processes, Intrexon’s approach replaces complex, multistep chemical synthesis of APIs and also avoids isolation of therapeutics from animals and plants.

Under the terms of the agreement, Amneal will have access to all of Intrexon’s technologies and expertise to improve production of the target API.  The agreement between Amneal and Intrexon provides for a sharing in the research and development costs associated with leveraging the value of their combined capabilities, as well as a sharing of the operating profits.

Source: Intrexon

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