AMRI Extends Insourcing Pact

AMRI, a contract research and manufacturing organization, has extended a key insourcing relationship with a major pharmaceutical company designed to accelerate chemistry and drug-discovery efforts. The original insourcing collaboration, which commenced in 2011, is being extended beyond its original termination date of December 2018 to December 31, 2021.

“The insourcing model is a fusion of the best elements of external outsourcing and in-house R&D activities,” said Christopher Conway, senior vice president of Discovery and Development Services (DDS), AMRI. “With expertise in managing high performing groups of scientists, AMRI developed this business model in order to embed its own scientists into the customer’s facility, allowing the customer to cost-effectively leverage their underutilized laboratory space and resources.”

“Insourcing relationships provide the benefit of accelerating drug discovery, drug product and manufacturing efforts by maximizing the real-time exchange of scientific information and enabling scientists to rapidly adapt to changing project needs,” said Michael P. Trova, senior vice president, chemistry, AMRI. “We find these relationships are mutually beneficial and will be an important key to the long-term development and success of AMRI’s DDS business unit. We look forward to finding new ways to deepen and extend these unique arrangements.”

Source: AMRI

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