AMRI in Drug Discovery Alliance

AMRI, an Albany, New York-based contract research and manufacturing organization, has formed an alliance with Bruker Daltonics, a Billerica, Massachusetts-based manufacturer of scientific instruments, and HighRes Biosolutions, a Woburn, Massachusetts-based manufacturer of laboratory instruments and automated systems, to develop new applications for using high throughput mass spectrometry (MS) for drug discovery.

AMRI acquired the MALDI PharmaPulse system, which incorporates the label-free detection capabilities of MS with high throughput operations, from Bruker Daltonics, and HighRes Biosolutions, will be deployed at AMRI’s integrated drug-discovery center. Under the alliance, Bruker Daltonics and HighRes Biosolutions will provide training and consulting to AMRI biologists to aid them in the development of protocols on the system that can be used for high throughput screening drug-discovery programs.

With technical support from Bruker Daltonics and HighRes Biosolutions, AMRI will apply advanced laboratory automation and MS technologies to provide high throughput, label-free screening by MS (PharmaPulse). AMRI will also extend the utility of the MALDI PharmaPulse technology to encompass complex cell-based assays and an expanded portfolio of MS-based biochemical assays.

Source: AMRI 

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