AMRI To Close UK API Mfg Facility

AMRI has announced its intention, subject to consultation with its UK workforce, to close its UK facility in Holywell, Wales, which provides chemical development services and small- and large-scale manufacturing services of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

“The original strategy for the Holywell site has been to act as a conduit between Europe and the United States,” said William S. Marth, president and chief executive officer, AMRI, in a company statement. “However, the site has not been able to do this in a way that maximises value for our customers and shareholders and is not aligned to the new strategic direction of the company. We continue to move forward with our strategy to be the preeminent supplier of custom and complex end-to-end services to the pharmaceutical industry, which includes the development and manufacture of high-value, niche active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).”

The proposed closure of the U.K.-based operation may affect approximately 64 positions. The company is commencing consultation with employee representatives to consider ways of avoiding the proposed redundancies, reducing the number of redundancies and mitigating the impact of the redundancies. The company has no further information to provide at this stage, pending the outcome of consultation with its employees.

Source: AMRI

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