Aprecia, Cycle Pharmaceuticals Partner for 3-D Printing of Orphan Drugs

Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, a Langhorne, Pennsylvania-based specialty pharmaceutical company with a three-dimensional printing (3DP) platform, and Cycle Pharmaceuticals, a Cambridge, England-based pharmaceutical company, have signed a partnership agreement to develop and commercialize orphan drugs using 3DP technology.

The planned products are expected to be delivered by using Aprecia’s proprietary 3DP technology platform, ZipDose. In 2015, the FDA approved Aprecia’s Spritam (levetiracetam), a drug to treat certain types of seizures, as the first drug approved by the FDA using 3DP technology. The drug is made using 3-D printing to bind multiple layers of a powder blend using an aqueous fluid to produce a porous, water-soluble matrix in a pill that disintegrates with a sip of liquid.

Source: Aprecia Pharmaceuticals and Cycle Pharmaceuticals

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