Aptar, BD Sign Pact for Auto-injection

Aptar Pharma, a segment of AptarGroup, has signed an exclusive development and license agreement with Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD) to jointly develop an auto-injector using Aptar Pharma's two-step auto-injector technology and BD's prefillable syringes. The auto-injector technology was specifically designed around the BD Neopak 1-mL long-glass prefillable syringe or the BD Hypak for biotech 1-mL long-glass prefillable syringe to optimize system robustness and performance.

Under the agreement, BD and Aptar Pharma will jointly develop Aptar Pharma's auto-injector technology platform using BD's expertise in prefillable syringes and self-injection technologies combined with Aptar Pharma's innovation and quality-by-design expertise. This two-step auto-injector will be exclusively commercialized by BD as a part of its portfolio of auto-injectors.

Source: Aptar Pharma

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