Aptar Pharma Expands Nasal Pump Manufacturing Capacity

Aptar Pharma, a manufacturer of drug-delivery systems for nasal applications, has added manufacturing capacity for its child-resistant nasal pump at its site in Congers, New York.

Effective April 2017, a new assembly machine for Aptar Pharma’s child-resistant feature for nasal sprays was transferred from Aptar Pharma’s plant in Southern Germany to the Congers site.

Aptar Pharma’s child-resistant technology platform was developed primarily for the US market when, in 2012, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a rule requiring child-resistant packaging for any over-the-counter or drug product containing the equivalent of 0.08 milligrams or more of imidazoline, a formulation used in nasal decongestant topical sprays. Aptar subsequently introduced the child-resistant feature.

Source: Aptar Pharma

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