Arranta Bio, Delpharm Complete Acquisitions; WuXi AppTec Expands

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Biologics Manufacturing

Arranta Bio Acquires Captozyme for Microbiome Development and Clinical Supply

Arranta Bio, a new CDMO focused on the human microbiome, has acquired Captozyme, a clinical CDMO for microbiome biotherapeutics, and has established a Center of Excellence for microbiome development and clinical supply.

Arranta Bio is headed by CEO Mark Bamforth, former CEO of Brammer Bio, a CDMO focused on gene and cell therapies, which was acquired earlier this year (May 2019) by Thermo Fisher for $1.7 billion Late last month (October 2019). Arranta announced it had raised $82 million in financing and formed a strategic partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Arranta’s Center of Excellence for process and analytical development and early clinical supply for microbiome clients includes the transfer of the Captozyme team and facilities in Gainesville, Florida to Arranta.

Captozyme’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Dr. Aaron Cowley, will now become Arranta’s CTO.

Captozyme had established GMP clinical capacity and successfully scaled processes to 400-L scale fermentation through to lyophilization and encapsulation. Arranta’s strategy is to provide live biopharmaceuticals products for microbiome-related product by bacterial fermentation, isolation, lyophilization and encapsulation.

Under the agreement, Captozyme has spun out its enzyme therapeutic assets into a newly formed biopharmaceutical company, Oxidien Pharmaceuticals, to continue clinical development under the leadership of Captozyme’s outgoing CEO, Dr. Helena Cowley.

Arranta is establishing late-stage clinical and commercial-ready capacity at a new facility in Watertown, Massachusetts, which is scheduled to come on line by the third quarter 2020.

Source: Arranta Bio

Formulation Development/Drug Product Manufacturing

Delpharm To Acquire Five Mfg Sites from Famar Group

Delpharm, a CDMO for multiple dosage forms, has acquired five manufacturing sites in France, Canada, and The Netherlands, from Famar Group, a CDMO of drug products.

The transaction was signed November 18, 2019 and covers the French sites located in Orléans, L’Aigle and Saint-Rémy-sur-Avre, as well as the Montreal site in Canada and that of Bladel in The Netherlands.

The five sites had turnover of EUR 250 million ($275 million) and include 1,300 employees.

The acquisition brings Delpharm’s work force to 4,700 people in 17 manufacturing sites in France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Canada, which provide dosage forms such as tablets, syrups, bottles and vials.

Source: Famar Group

CDMO Particle Sciences To Be Renamed Lubrizol Life Science Health

Lubrizol, a specialty chemicals company, is changing the name of its CDMO Particle Sciences to Lubrizol Life Science Health (LLS Health). The name change reflects the CDMO’s incorporation into the new Lubrizol Life Science business group.

In combination with LLS Health, Lubrizol’s Personal, Home and Health Care business units have been brought together as part of a previous reorganization. This announcement follows Lubrizol’s acquisition of Bavaria Medizin Technologie GmbH, a German CDMO of intravascular and nonvascular devices.

Lubrizol is continuing to expand its concept-to-commercialization services and products for medical device and pharmaceutical companies as part of its LLS Health business. LLS Health has expanded its commercial-scale capabilities for drug-product manufacturing with the opening of a new 5,000-square-foot commercial manufacturing facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania as part of a $60-million investment. As one of its first projects at the new facility, LLS Health has produced a customer’s first set of three registration batches, an aseptic fill to be incorporated into a sterile multi-use topical ophthalmic delivery device.

Source: Lubrizol


WuXi AppTec Expands Toxicology Facility in Suzhou, China

WuXi AppTec, a CDMO for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries, has expanded its safety assessment and toxicology facility in Suzhou, China. Its Lab Testing Division (LTD) has increased toxicology capacity by 80% to meet demand in preclinical testing services.

With the expansion, the toxicology facility will cover an area of 580,000 square feet and execute full-service preclinical and clinical-stage safety assessments for biologic and small- molecule drugs.

LTD provides services for customers in China (Shanghai, Nanjing, and Suzhou) as well as the US (St. Paul, Minnesota; Atlanta, Georgia; and Plainsboro and Cranbury, New Jersey).

Source: WuXi AppTec



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