Asahi Kasei Completes Construction of New Membrane Plant for Bioprocessing

Asahi Kasei Medical has completed the construction of a new plant for spinning hollow-fiber membranes for its Planova BioEX filters at its Planova Oita plant in Oita, Japan. The start-up of plant operations is scheduled for October 2017. The hollow-fiber membranes produced at the new spinning plant will be used in the assembly of Planova BioEX filters at plants in Oita and Nobeoka, Japan. The new plant increases the company’s total supply capacity for Planova BioEX filters to 10,000 square meters per year.

Planova BioEX virus removal filters, which incorporate hydrophilic polyvinylidene fluoride hollow-fiber membranes, are used in the production process for bi biopharmaceuticals and plasma derivatives.

Source: Asahi Kasei Medical

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