Ashland Opens Excipient Manufacturing Facility in China; Upgrades Tech Center

Ashland has opened a new manufacturing facility for excipients in Nanjing, China. With the new facility, Ashland can supply functional excipient technologies to manufacturers of oral pharmaceuticals as well as provide formulation solutions to the Chinese market. Ashland will make available cellulose-based excipients, including those sold under the trade names Klucel HPC, Benecel HPMC, Blanose CMC, and Aqualon EMC. In addition, Ashland will also make available a series of polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)-based polymer excipients, including Plasdone PVP and Polyplasdone PVPP polymers.

In addition to the new production facility, the company has a quality control laboratory alongside the production facility.

In other news, Ashland has launched an upgrade of its pharmaceutical technical center for solid dosage forms in Shanghai, China that doubled the size of the original complex built in 2008. The upgrade includes binding enhancement, disintegration improvement, modified release, solubilization, and film coating for pharmaceutical tablets and other solid dosage forms.

Ashland has three pharmaceutical technical centers; in addition to the facility in Shanghai, it has technical centers in Wilmington, Delaware and Hyderabad, India.

Source: Ashland (excipient manufacturing facility) and Ashland (pharmaceutical technical center)

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