Astellas Plans Restructuring and 600 Job Cuts in Japan

Astellas Pharma plans to restructure its operations in Japan, which includes the discontinuation and divestment of certain subsidiaries as well as the introduction of an early-retirement incentive program, for which 600 applicants are estimated to apply.

To help realize its “Strategic Plan 2018”, which was announced May 22, 2018, Astellas says it is focusing on building and improving its organizational capabilities. Astellas plans to restructure all operations, including research and development and sales and marketing, and its group companies in Japan.

As part of the plan, Astellas plans to discontinue all activities in select Japanese subsidiaries, including Astellas Research Technologies Co. (ART), and Astellas Marketing and Sales Support Co. (AES), by the end of fiscal year 2018, ending March 31, 2019 (FY 2018). It also plans to discontinue all operations of Astellas Learning Institute Co. (ALI), except its green-supply supporting operations by the end of FY 2018.

Additionally, Astellas plans to divest Astellas Analytical Science Laboratories Co., one of its Japanese R&D bases, to Eurofins Pharma Services LUX Holding Sarl, a subsidiary of Eurofins Scientific SA, a biopharmaceutical analytical testing firm, within FY 2018.

With these restructuring efforts, Astellas is introducing an early-retirement incentive program in FY 2018 for employees of Astellas, AES, ART, and ALI (estimated applicants to the program: 600).

Source: Astellas Pharma

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