AstraZeneca Forms Personalized Medicine Pact

AstraZeneca and The University of Manchester have formed a five-year, £11.5 million ($17.3 million) collaboration under which AstraZeneca will support clinical bioinformatics research led by a dedicated team of investigators within the recently established Center for Cancer Biomarker Sciences at the Manchester Cancer Research Center. The research will be carried out in partnership with the clinical trials unit of The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, which is ainvolved with experimental cancer medicine in the UK.

Projects will include the development of a new bioinformatics system to capture and integrate clinical trial safety, efficacy, biomarker, and drug distribution data in real time, presenting the information in the form of graphs that can be easily interpreted by clinicians to help tailor the treatment for patients. The collaboration will also support new training programs in clinical research and pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic modelling for investigators to understand the distribution and clinical effects of medicines within the body.

The collaboration builds on existing scientific collaborations between AstraZeneca and The University of Manchester.

Source: AstraZeneca

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