ATUM, Horizon Discovery in Cell Line Development Licensing Deal

ATUM (formerly DNA2.0, Inc.) and Horizon Discovery, a provider of gene-editing technologies,have signed a cross-license agreement for Horizon’s CHO Source platform and ATUM’s vector technology to speed development of cell lines for drug development.

ATUM has licensed Horizon’s CHO Source platform, including the glutamine synthetase ( Knock-Out CHO K1 (Chinese hamster ovary) line and will use its proprietary Leap-In Transposase technology to offer cell-line development services. Horizon has exclusively licensed a vector suite developed by ATUM for the CHO Source platform to provide a cell-line solution. ATUM is also offering Horizon customers a no-fee evaluation license for the transposase system.

The CHO Source platform increases stringency of selection as compared with historical platforms based around chemical inhibition such as methionine sulfoximine and methotrexate, according to information from the company.

ATUM’s vector suite has been developed as part of a partnership with Horizon. These vectors are comprised of a mammalian expression technology that has been combined with additional elements that improve aspects of the protein production pathway.

Source: ATUM

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