Austrianova Launches GMP Cell Banking

Austrianova, a company specializing in the production of cell-based products, has opened new company facilities in Singapore at Synapse in the Biopolis biomedical sciences hub. The company occupies lab and office space within one self-contained unit that has been purpose-built. The company will continue to perform R&D as well as translational research using it's proprietary cell-encapsulation technologies, Cell-in-a-Box and Bac-in-a-Box® at its new location and the Austrianova headquarters are housed in the same facility. Good manufacturing practice (GMP) activities, including the production of biomedical cell products for clinical use, will be carried out at Thailand Science Park in Bangkok.

In addition, the company announced that it is now offering clients a GMP cell banking (master cell bank and working cell bank) as well as a fill-finish service for cell therapy products.

Austrianova is able to offer the production of master cell and working cell banks at the size scale required for early-stage (Phase I and II) stage clinical trials using its state isolator based production facility. The company can also fill bulk cell product into syringes or vials in its GMP facility. This new cell banking and filling service is called GMP4Cells.

Source: Austrianova

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