Avara Acquires AstraZeneca Solid-Dose Mfg Facility

Avara Pharmaceutical Services, a Norwalk, Connecticut-headquartered contract development and manufacturing organization, has agreed to acquire AstraZeneca’s secondary solid dosage form manufacturing, packaging, and distribution facility in Reims, France. This is the second facility Avara has acquired from AstraZeneca.

In September 2016, Avara agreed to acquire AstraZeneca’s manufacturing facility in Avlon, Avonmouth, England. Under the agreement, about 210 Avlon employees were to remain employed at the site, and the plant would continue to manufacture AstraZeneca pharmaceutical products on a contract basis.

Avara provides both active pharmaceutical ingredient formulation and manufacturing, along with secondary formulation, manufacturing, packaging, and distribution of small molecule drugs, including highly potent compounds. Avara has secondary manufacturing technologies, including granulation, coating, blending, encapsulation, compression, and drying of tablets and capsules. It has secondary sterile manufacturing capability at its site in Liscate, Italy.

Avara now has eight sites: four in the US, including its corporate headquarters (Norwalk, Connecticut; Norman, Oklahoma; Aiken, South Carolina; and Arecibo, Puerto Rico) and four sites in Europe (Shannon, Ireland; Avlon, UK; Liscate, Italy; and Reims, France).

Source: Avara Pharmaceutical Services


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