Bayer Ends Abuse-Deterrent Formulation Deal

Bayer Healthcare and Acura Pharmaceuticals, a Palatine, Illinois-based pharmaceutical company, have terminated a license and development agreement relating to abuse-deterrent technology. Bayer exercised its convenience termination prior to the completion of Acura’s development obligations under the agreement.

The agreement, formed in 2015, provided Bayer an exclusive worldwide license to Acura’s Impede technology for use in an undisclosed methamphetamine-resistant pseudoephedrine-containing product. The Impede technology platform is an advanced polymer matrix that is used to limit or disrupt the extraction of pseudoephedrine from tablets for conversion into the illicit drug, methamphetamine.

As a result of the termination, Mainpointe Pharmaceutical has the option to license Acura’s Impede technology with respect to the product in the US and Canada upon payment to it of $500,000 (together with a royalty of 7.5% on product net sales). To date, Mainpointe has not exercised such option.

Source: Acura Pharmaceuticals

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