BI, Evox Therapeutics in RNA Drug-Delivery Pact

Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) has signed a research collaboration with Evox Therapeutics, an Oxford, UK-headquartered therapeutics company, to investigate exosome-mediated delivery of RNAs with medical relevance to targets for disease areas of focus to BI.

The collaboration is part of BI’s Research Beyond Borders initiative that explores emerging science and technologies for and beyond its core therapeutic areas to create new opportunities in disease indications.

Exosomes are small, cell-derived vesicles. Evox combines its exosome-engineering platform with targeting technology to enable the development of natural delivery nanoparticles for treating severe diseases.

Under the agreement, Evox and BI will perform in vitro and in vivo research with Evox’s exosome technology in return for undisclosed financial considerations. Upon completion of these studies, BI will have the option to negotiate a license agreement to further develop RNA drug candidates using Evox’s exosome-mediated delivery technology.

Source: Evox Therapeutics

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