BI, Petrovax Pharm Sign Manufacturing Collaboration in Russia

Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) has signed an agreement with Petrovax Pharm, a Russian pharmaceutical manufacturer, to localize full-cycle production of BI’s thrombolytic drugs. By the end of 2019, the company intends to complete the transfer of technologies and quality controls, and launch full-cycle production of its innovative thrombolytic drugs at Petrovax Pharm's production facility in the Moscow region. The facility's capacity will be enough to fully meet the need for these drugs in Russia.

The partners have a work program to deliver by the time the transfer of technologies is fully completed in 2019. It includes the installation and validation of high-tech equipment, transfer of production technologies and quality controls, and most importantly, training for Petrovax Pharm’s employees provided in Russia and Germany. The project will be jointly executed by a team of Russian and German experts working in cooperation with each other. A key stage will be the transfer of quality control practices for finished products. Once the target capacity is reached, Petrovax Pharm's plant will produce the amount of medicines sufficient to treat at least 30,000 patients per year, with the potential to expand further.

Source: Petrovax Pharm

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