BIA Separations Partners in China

BIA Separations, a developer and manufacturer of monolithic chromatographic columns for production, purification, and analytics of large biomolecules. is expanding its network in China with the appointment of Guangzhou Bairui Medicine (hereinafter as Bairui) as a BIA Separations distributor. Bairui is a GSP certified pharmaceutical company involved in the manufacturing, promotion, and distribution of various pharmaceutical products in the territory of People`s Republic of China. Bairui`s multi-service approach includes: import & export of intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredient and finished dosage, promotion and market development, drug registration in and out of China and abbreviated new drug application filing in the US.

BIA Separations is headquartered in Austria, with a research and production facility in Slovenia and sales offices in the US and China.

Source: BIA Separations

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