Bilcare Research Plans Investment

Bilcare Research AG,a global producer of rigid films and foil,is investing more than EUR 50 million ($67 million) in new capacities to expand domestically and in target markets in South America and Asia. Bilcare Research AG, together with the businesses Bilcare Global Clinical Supplies and Bilcare Technologies, is part of the Bilcare Research Group. It operates nine sites worldwide and is headquartered in Allschwil, Switzerland.

Bilcare Research AG focuses on the films and foils business for the pharmaceutical, cards, print, and sleeve industries as well as for special applications. In line with a strategy of providing value-added solutions, in 2013, Bilcare Research AG exited its PVC/PE films business for food packaging at Fucine Italy. In March 2013, the company swapped its furniture-films activities for the pharma films business of Alfatherm to further its position in pharmaceutical packaging.

Source: Bilcare 

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