Biogen, Capsigen in $1.3-Bn Gene-Therapy Pact

Biogen and Capsigen, a Vancouver, Washington-based gene-therapy company, have entered into a strategic research collaboration to develop gene therapies for central nervous system (CNS) and neuromuscular disorders, in a deal worth up to $1.3 billion ($15 million upfront and $1.29 billion in potential milestones payments)

Under the deal, the companies will use Capisgen’s expertise in engineering adeno-associated virus (AAV) capsids. Capsids are a protein coat that protects and facilitates delivery of the virus’ genetic payload into host cells.

Under the agreement, Capsigen will apply its vector-engineering approaches to develop capsids designed to meet disease-specific transduction profiles. Biogen will receive an exclusive license under Capsigen’s proprietary technology for an undisclosed number of CNS and neuromuscular disease targets. Capsigen will receive a $15 million upfront payment and is eligible to receive up to $42 million in potential research milestones and up to an additional $1.25 billion in potential development and commercial payments should the collaboration programs achieve certain developmental milestones and sales thresholds. Capsigen is also eligible to receive royalties on future net sales of products that incorporate capsids resulting from the collaboration.

Source: Biogen and Capsigen

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