BioMarin Pharmaceutical Expands Irish Operations

BioMarin Manufacturing Ireland, a subsidiary of BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.,announced that it expects to expand its Dublin operation, according to IDA Ireland, the economic development agency of Ireland. The Dublin operation has responsibility for international supply chain, logistics, and commercial decision making, including price, distribution, and third-party contracts for the launch of VIMIZIM (elosulfase alfa), an enzyme-replacement therapy for the treatment of patients with the lysosomal storage disorder Morquio A syndrome, which is an ultra-rare, disease that affects an estimated 3,000 patients in the developed world. BioMarin received approval of the drug in the European Union this week, and FDA approved the drug in February 2014. BioMarin has also submitted marketing applications for VIMIZIM in Brazil, Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.

The expansion of its Dublin operations, which is expected to all 50 jobs, complements the growth in BioMarin's biopharma manufacturing facility in Shanbally, County Cork Ireland, which is expected to grow to 140 employees by 2015 to support the anticipated commercial demand of VIMIZIM.  BioMarin expects to have a combined total employment of approximately 200 people in Ireland by the end of 2017. 

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Source: IDA Ireland and BioMarin Pharmaceutical


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