Bosch Announces Plan to Sell Packaging Machinery Business

Bosch Packaging Technology has announced plans to sell its packaging machinery business.

“After intensively and thoroughly considering all its strategic options, the Bosch Group has decided to look for a buyer for its packaging machinery business (PA), more specifically the pharmaceuticals and food units of the Packaging Technology Division,” Bosch said in a June 29, 2018 company statement.  

PA has 6,100 employees in its global packaging technology. The company said its aim is to have all its employees and locations to be retained by the eventual buyer.

Bosch says that packaging technology is not part of the group’s core business. Bosch says that PA is involved in specialized areas of the packaging industry and operates in a competitive environment in which the players are small and medium-sized enterprises, which are at a structural advantage. “Bosch is certain that its packaging technology operations need to be put on a different footing that will allow them to react more flexibly to the specific requirements of the packaging machinery market,” said the company in the June 29 release. The company said that its special-purpose machinery manufacturer, Robert Bosch Manufacturing Solutions GmbH, is a separate entity and will remain part of the Bosch Group.

Source: Bosch Packaging Technology

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