Brammer Bio Expands Cell, Gene Therapy Capacity

Brammer Bio, a Lexington, Massachusetts-headquartered cell and gene therapy contract development and manufacturing organization, is investing to expand capacity at its sites in Alachua, Florida and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The company is investing $40 million to enable scale-up through Phase III and strengthen commercial client support in Cambridge. At Alachua’s process development and pilot facility, Brammer invested $10 million to double cGMP manufacturing capacity. Both sites will feature Pall Life Sciences’ technologies for T cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

Brammer Bio is implementing a range of Pall platform technologies, with Pall’s Allegro STR, single-use stirred-tank bioreactors, for cell-culture capability up to 500 liters in Alachua, and up to 2,000 liters in Cambridge. Both facilities will feature Pall’s iCELLis, fixed-bed bioreactors, for scale-up of adherent processes with up to 5,000 square feet of growth surface, Allegro XRS 25 bi-axial rocking bioreactors, and a variety of Pall single-use mixers. The downstream purification suite will feature Pall’s single-use tangential flow filtration systems, Allegro MVP systems for fluid automation, and Allegro single-use chromatography systems.

Both facilities remain operational during the expansions, with the Florida expansion now on line, and completion of the Cambridge facility targeted for the fourth quarter of 2017.

Source: Brammer Bio


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