Cambrex Expands Small-Molecule Manufacturing

Cambrex, a contract manufacturer of small-molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), has expanded large-scale manufacturing capacity at its cGMP facility in Karlskoga, Sweden and has introduced additional continuous flow manufacturing for the production of high purity intermediates.

The expansion includes the installation of new multi-purpose reactors ranging from 4 cubic meters to 12 cubic meters and upgrading of the control room within an existing plant on site. This extra capacity increases the large-scale manufacturing capabilities of the Karlskoga facility, which supports clients’ development projects from R&D through to large-scale commercial manufacturing. Installation of all new equipment, including a 9-cubic-meter hydrogenation reactor, is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2017.

In addition to the capacity investment at the Karlskoga site, Cambrex has introduced a dedicated continuous flow production unit, capable of producing multiple metric tons of high purity intermediates per annum.

The expansion at Cambrex’s Swedish site is part of an ongoing strategic campaign to invest in small-molecule API manufacturing across its global network of facilities.

Source: Cambrex

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