Capsugel Expands Inhalation Capabilities

Part of the special news roundup of DCAT member companies for the DCAT Week ’17 Special Edition of DCAT Value Chain Insights (April 5, 2017)

Capsugel has expanded its late-stage inhalation capabilities to advance dry powder inhalation (DPI) concepts through late-stage clinical trial and commercial production. The company has completed installation and validation of a new Harro Hӧfliger Modu-C MS encapsulation unit at its Bend, Oregon facility that includes specialized drum-dosing technology for use in DPI development projects using spray-dry processing.

Capsugel’s new Harro Hӧfliger Modu-C MS encapsulation unit includes an operational capacity of more than 72,000 capsules per hour and provides monitoring of dosed powder mass, fill weight ranges between 5mg and 50mg, and dose accuracy of RSD<3%. The unit complements Capsugel’s Xcelodose 600S equipment that supports capsule filling for Phase I and Phase II clinial trials.

Capsugel’s capabilities for DPI formulations include spray drying for all clinical phases and commercial manufacturing, formulation development and scale-up expertise, phase-appropriate encapsulation, and full aerosol analytical capabilities in development and GMP. The investment strengthens Capsugel’s inhalation product-development capabilities, which include proprietary spray-dry processing, specialized chemistry, manufacturing, and control/analytical services, and encapsulation capacity.

Source: Capsugel 

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