Carbogen Amcis Acquires High-Containment Manuacturing Facility

Carbogen Amcis, the Swiss-based pharmaceutical process development and active pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing company, has announced plans to take over operations of a high-containment facility located in Vionnaz, Switzerland.

The high potency facility in Vionnaz opened in December 2005 and was formerly managed by Bachem AG as an integrated part of its site in Vionnaz. The Vionnaz unit is dedicated to the development and manufacture of highly potent APIs and can accommodate projects from gram to multi-kilo scale. The facility features a process development laboratory, a dedicated quality control laboratory, and two production units fitted with reactors up to 30 L, as well as a freeze dryer for lyophilization and chromatography. Carbogen Amcis has signed an agreement to take over control of this unit. Operations are slated to start later this fall.

Carbogen Amcis recently constructed a cleanroom dedicated to conjugation projects at its site in Bubendorf, Switerland, and says in the near future, it plans to introduce additional capability for highly potent drugs at its site in Neuland (Hunzenschwil), Switzerland to meet further demand in chemical development and niche commercial manufacturing.

Source: Carbogen Amcis

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