Catalent Breaks Ground for Expanded Biologics Facility

Catalent Pharma Solutions has broken ground for a new $34-million extension to its Madison, Wisconsin biologics manufacturing facility. When completed, the additional 22,000 square feet of space will accommodate a new 2 x 2,000-liter single-use bioreactor system, allowing the company to support late-phase clinical and commercial production of up to 4,000-liter batches. The new footprint will also support expansion of analytical and process development laboratories as well as additional office space.

The Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation has awarded Catalent with up to $1 million in state tax credits over the next three years. The actual amount of credits the company will receive is contingent upon the level of capital investment in Madison during the three-year period.

Opened in April 2013, Catalent’s Madison facility houses the company’s proprietary GPEx cell-line technology used to create mammalian cell lines. Catalent provides development, manufacturing, and analytical services for new biological entities and biosimilars from the Madison facility. It was designed for flexible cGMP production, from 10-liter up to 1,000-liter scale, and non-GMP production up to 250-liter scale. It also features single-use technologies and unidirectional flow.

Work to extend its integrated analytical capabilities was completed in January 2016, and Catalent has also completed investments to expand process development capability at the site, including integration of an Ambr 15 microbioreactor system into its cell line and upstream development process.

Source: Catalent Pharma Solutions

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