Catalent in Biomanufacturing Pact

Catalent Pharma Solutions has signed a multi-year agreement with Grid Therapeutics, a Durham, North Carolina-headquartered biotechnology company focused on oncology, for the development and manufacture of Grid’s lead therapeutic candidate for treating solid tumors.

Under the agreement, Catalent Biologics will employ its proprietary GPEx cell-line technology to develop cell lines and manufacture antibodies with the intention to optimize the process for cGMP bulk drug production. The project will be undertaken at Catalent’s biomanufacturing facility in Madison, Wisconsin.

Grid’s research is based upon an approach to identify specific tumor immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies from patients with early-stage cancer. Grid used a strategy to obtain the sequence of its lead IgG3 antibody directly from B cells in cancer patients.

Source: Catalent Pharma Solutions


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