Catalent Licenses Antibody Combination Therapy Technology Platform

Catalent has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Excelimmune, Inc., a biotechnology company based in Lexington, Massachusetts, to access its antibody combination therapy technology platform. The platform is used to manufacture multiple recombinant antibodies or other recombinant proteins in a single batch culture. Under the licensing agreement, Catalent will continue development work on the platform, both internally and in conjunction with partner-sponsored programs. Catalent will also be able to leverage its own proprietary GPEx technology, used to develop cell lines, to help enable that development.

Excelimmune’s antibody combination expression system uses stable pools of cells generated by multiple directed gene insertions, instead of clonal cell lines, which enables a flexible culture system for mixtures of cells producing different antibodies. This technology has the potential for more consistent and cost-effective production of antibody combinations.

Source: Catalent 

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