Celgene in Antibody Drug Conjugate Pact

Celgene has formed a collaboration with Triphase Accelerator , a privately held drug development company headquartered in Toronto, under which Celgene has an option to acquire all Triphase Accelerator’s assets relating to TRPH-222 (CD22-4AP), an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) in development for lymphoma.

Under the agreement, Triphase Accelerator received an upfront payment from Celgene. Triphase Accelerator will control development and will retain all commercial rights to TRPH-222 (CD22-4AP). If Celgene exercises its option to acquire TRPH-222 (CD22-4AP), Celgene will become responsible for development and commercialization, and Triphase Accelerator will be eligible to receive development, regulatory, and sales milestone payments. This is the third product option deal between Triphase Accelerator and Celgene.

TRPH-222 is a site-specific ADC targeting cluster of differentiation-22 (CD22), a B-cell-restricted sialogycoprotein that modulates B-cell signaling and survival. CD22 is an ADC target for Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and acute lymphoid leukemia. The compound itself combines a site-specific modified humanized antibody conjugated to a toxin payload and a 4-aminopyridine linker.

Source: Triphase Accelerator 

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