Cipla Signs Pact for Czech Republic and Slovakia

Cipla, a global pharmaceutical company, has formed a commercial collaboration with S&D Pharma in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This collaboration will enable Cipla to focus on its core therapy areas while S&D Pharma will be the key partner for generics. S&D Pharma is a UK-based company, which,in partnership with its local offices, represents global pharmaceutical companies and manages the promotion and distribution of their products in Central Europe

Under the collaboration, Cipla will be driving its respiratory product portfolio in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia through a Cipla-owned sales force team, managed by a Cipla commercial head. S&D Pharma will physically distribute all products, including respiratory products, and this portfolio will increase over the next few years. In the near future, once the necessary regulatory and reimbursement approvals are in place, the salmeterol-fluticasone fixed combination will be launched in both markets under the name Fullhale.

Apart from Croatia where the combination is already available under the name Duohal, Cipla recently launched the product in Germany and Sweden. In Germany the product is distributed under the name “Serroflo”, whereas in Sweden the combination is launched as Salmeterol/Fluticasone Cipla.

Source: Cipla

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