CMC Biologics in Fusion Protein Mfg Deal

CMC Biologics, a clinical and commercial manufacturer of therapeutic proteins and a wholly owned subsidiary of Asahi Glass Company, has entered into a manufacturing agreement with Altor BioScience, a Miramar, Florida- based developer of cytokine-based immunotherapeutics for cancer and infectious diseases, for the cGMP manufacturing of Altor’s ALT-803 molecule, an anti-cancer drug candidate, for use in Phase III clinical trials.

ALT-803 is an interleukin-15 (IL-15) superagonist complex consisting of an IL-15 mutant bound to an IL-15Rα/immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1) Fc fusion protein. The molecule is currently part of a development program that includes ongoing clinical trials for treating various solid and hematological malignancies, such as non-muscle invasive bladder cancer, relapsed or refractory indolent B cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma, and non-small cell lung cancer.

Source: CMC Biologics

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