Cobra Biologics in Supply Pact with BioCancell

Cobra Biologics and targeted cancer therapy company BioCancell have announced an agreement to manufacture BioCancell's BC-821 cancer drug for clinical trials. BioCancell's Phase I clinical trial for BC-821, scheduled to commence in 2015, is being studied for several cancer indications such as non-small-cell lung carcinoma, ovarian cancer, glioblastoma (brain tumor) and liver metastasis. Cobra will provide GMP manufacture of BC-821 plasmid DNA, and fill and finish the product. BC-821 is a potential therapeutic product that penetrates cancerous cells and activates the synthesis of DTA under the control of H19 and /or P4 promoter of the target gene IGF2. Both H19 and P4-IGF2 transcription factors are expressed only in cancerous cells. This double-promoter method has the potential to reach a large patient population as patients expressing either of the target genes will be treatable. An international patent application (PCT) for this product was filed by BioCancell in 2008.

Source: Cobra Biologics

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