Construction Begins on New EMA HQ in Preparation for Brexit

In preparation for the UK’s exit of the European Union (EU) (i.e Brexit), the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has begun construction for its new headquarters building in Zuidas, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Currently, the EMA is headquartered in London. in November 2017, the EU member states voted to change the EMA’s location in preparation of Brexit and selected Amsterdam as the new host city of the EMA. The EMA plans plans to take up operations at its new headquarters in Amsterdam by March 30, 2019, at the latest, which is in line with the UK’s withdrawal date from the EU.

The EMA’s new building has been commissioned by the Dutch government and will be built by the Central Government Real Estate Agency together with a consortium of construction companies. Construction is expected to be finished by November 2019. The EMA will occupy temporary premises at the Spark Building in Sloterdijk, Amsterdam until construction of the new building is complete.

Following the decision to relocate the EMA to the Netherlands, the EMA and the Netherlands agreed on relationship terms. In April 2018, the EMA and the Netherlands finalized the text of a Seat Agreement, which describes how the agency, its bodies, and its employees will be treated by the Dutch government once they start operating in the Netherlands. The agreement ensures that the EMA can function properly and independently in the Netherlands.

Source: European Medicines Agency (construction) and European Medicines Agency (seat agreement)

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