Cutis Pharma, Dr. Reddy’s Partner

CutisPharma, a specialty pharmaceutical company that has historically developed and distributed kits used by pharmacists for compounded medications, has formed active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) supply and joint development agreements with Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd. to advance several programs in CutisPharma's R&D portfolio, including RM-02, RM-03, and RM-06.

CutisPharma recently opened a manufacturing center at its Wilmington, Massachusetts. facility and has completed validation activities supporting its first new drug application filing of the company's lead pipeline drug, RM-01 for next year. The partnership with Dr. Reddy's Laboratories will allow for the acceleration of three additional drugs, RM-02, RM-03 and RM-06, toward US Food and Drug Administration approval.

Source: CutisPharma

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