Cytovance in Biomanufacturing Supply Pact

Cytovance Biologics, an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based biologics contract manufacturer, has signed an agreement with Bexion Pharmaceuticals, a Covington, Kentucky-headquartered biotechnology company, to manufacture the protein component and active ingredient of Bexion’s clinical compound, BXQ-350, for patients with cancer (solid tumors and glioblastoma).

An ongoing supply of this protein will support Bexion’s continued drug development efforts, including planned Phase II clinical trials. 

BXQ-350 is a formulation of the human lysosomal protein, Saposin C (sphingolipid activator protein, or SapC), and the phospholipid, dioleoylphosphatidylserine. Cytovance and Bexion are working on the scale-up process in anticipation of increased drug requirements, according to Bexion.

Source: Bexion Pharmaceuticals


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