Dow, Colorcon Extend Scope of Controlled-Release Alliance

The Dow Chemical Company and Colorcon have broadened an existing controlled-release alliance to include Dow’s advanced technology-based pharmaceutical excipients, effective in January 2017. The alliance currently provides controlled-release technologies from Dow Pharma & Food Solutions, a business unit of Dow, to customers. This agreement also renews the alliance innovation partnership under which Colorcon and Dow collaborate on the development and commercialization of controlled-release excipients.

The companies first formed the alliance in 2007 to provide customized solutions, products, and support services for pharmaceutical product development. The addition of new technologies into the alliance product portfolio expands the existing relationship between Colorcon and Dow and further enables formulation and development of pharmaceutical applications beyond the existing controlled-release scope.

The alliance portfolio will comprise: the controlled-release technologies, including Dow’s Methocel CR Cellulose Ethers, Ethocel polymers, and Polyox resins as well as the additional excipient technologies, including Dow’s Affinisol polymers for solubility enhancement, Enteract polymers for enteric tablet coatings, and Duolite and Amberlite ion-exchange resins for controlled release and other applications. Affinisol is a new science-driven offering to enhance the solubility profile of poorly soluble active pharmaceutical ingredients. Amberlite and Duolite are powdered ion-exchange resins used as formulation excipients.

Source: Colorcon and Dow Chemical

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