Eli Lilly Joins New Dementia Discovery Fund

Eli Lilly and Company will be a key collaborator in the $100 million Dementia Discovery Fund (DDF), which aims to accelerate the discovery and development of new treatments for dementia. This first-ever global dementia research fund, which was recently launched after securing backing from investors including Lilly, the UK Government’s Department of Health, Alzheimer’s Research UK, and a number of other global pharmaceutical companies, will invest in research into treatments for the condition.

The DDF collaboration seeks to identify and foster promising new global research in the field of dementia and supports Lilly’s commitment to explore innovative approaches to scientific discovery. By providing financial support and its scientific expertise to this venture, Lilly hopes to accelerate the development of innovative new treatments for this disease.

The DDF today announced that SV Life Sciences has been appointed as Fund Manager and will be supported by a scientific advisory board. This group will identify potentially innovative projects in which the fund can invest, with the aim of speeding development of medicines that both improve symptoms and treat dementia.

Source: Eli Lilly and Company

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