Envirotainer, Air China Cargo Sign Cold Chain Pact

Envirotainer, a provider of containers, tools and services for the pharmaceutical cold chain, has signed a global master lease agreement with Air China Cargo, a flag cargo carrier is based in Mainland China. The new partnership is designed to support pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies importing and exporting active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), intermediates and other bulk and semi-finished products to and from China.

Air China Cargo plans to roll out a cold chain product this spring with further network expansion planned in 2016 based on market demand. The airline has identified five stations (Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Frankfurt and Geneva) as launch stations in its first phase of implementation.

As part of its continued network expansion, Envirotainer opened a new service station in Shanghai, China in November 2015 to support its growing cold chain business to the pharma supply chain. In the past year, the has opened a new US headquarter in New York and a new office in Singapore and increased production and of its container fleet size.

Source: Envirotainer

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