Evonik Completes $42-Million Contract Mfg Expansion

Evonik, a specialty and fine chemical producer, has completed a EUR 36-million ($42-million) expansion of its contract manufacturing capabilities in the US and Europe. A series of technologies, including high-potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs), fermentation, methoxy poly(ethylene glycol) (mPEGs), and continuous processing, were introduced or enhanced at multiple Evonik production sites over the last year, the company reported in a September 18, 2018 statement. 

At its facility in Hanau, Germany, Evonik recently commissioned a new modular cGMP continuous processing plant, a pilot plant for the custom synthesis of highly pure PEGs and mPEGs for pharmaceutical applications, as well as a cGMP suite for the small-scale production of HPAPI sand ultra-HPAPI.

At its facilities in Tippecanoe, Indiana and Hanau, Germany, Evonik increased its assets and added additional capacities to support the small-, medium- or large-scale production of HPAPIs. Evonik is now able to run several HPAPI projects down to an exposure level of 5 ng/cubic meter.

At its facility in Slovakia, Evonik recently invested in a new, flexible pilot plant for downstream processing. The plant supports microbial fermentation projects from strain development through to commercial manufacturing.

Source: Evonik


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