Excipact Certifies VWR’s Chemical Manufacturing Sites

VWR, a Radnor, Pennsylvania-headquartered provider of laboratory products, services and solutions, has received EXCiPACT certifications at two of its chemical manufacturing sites, one in Aurora, Ohio and the other in Solon, Ohio. EXCiPact, a voluntary international scheme to provide independent third-party certification of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of pharmaceutical excipients, awarded both GMP (good manufacturing practices) and GDP (good distribution practices) certificates to VWR,

EXCiPACT certification is an industry guideline for managing supply-chain risks relating to excipients, the inactive substances that serve as a vehicle for medicinal drugs or other active substances. To get certified, VWR’s sites in Aurora and Solon were  evaluated in the areas of sourcing, testing, packaging, storage, release, and distribution of products for pharmaceutical excipient use, including salts, carbohydrates, denaturants, and buffers.

VWR’s Ohio facilities are part of a global network that support chemical manufacturing and include capabilities such as custom products, supply-chain and design solutions, high purity biochemicals, life-science reagents and diagnostic kits, and solutions.

Source: VWR 

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