Fareva Launches New Aerosol Plant

Fareva Group, a contract manufacturer of household and industrial, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical products, has launched a new aerosol plant at its US site in Richmond, Virginia, following a first-phase investment of $40 million to produce drug, over-the-counter, and beauty products.

The new installation includes a flame-proof bulk manufacturing workshop; all required utilities such as USP-grade water, compressed air, steam, and propellant gas storage; three aerosol packaging lines, including one with “bag on valve” capability; and one research and development laboratory.

With a production capacity of 100 million aerosol cans, the new plant will create between 80 to 100 jobs. A second phase is being considered and studied, with the aim of installing up to four additional lines, increasing capacity to 250 million aerosol cans and creating approximately 150 new jobs at an additional investment of $15 million to $20 million.

Fareva acquired the Richmond manufacturing site from Pfizer in October 2011. At this site, Fareva currently employs 600 people across 745,000 square feet of manufacturing and office space with the goal of developing its pharmaceutical, beauty, and make-up businesses.

Source: Fareva

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