Fermion Completes Small-Molecule API Expansion

Fermion Oy, a Espoo, Finland-based, a manufacture of small-molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), has commissioned a new manufacturing facility in Hanko, Finland, to replace an older manufacturing unit.

Fermion Oy manufacturers APIs for its parent company, Orion, an Espoo, Finland-based pharmaceutical company and for other companies as a third-party provider.

In 2016, Fermion announced an investment of more than EUR 30 million ($35 million) to modernize production equipment at its plant in Hanko for meeting global demand and tightening requirements for quality, safety, environmental protection, and occupational health. The investment increases the plant’s production capacity by approximately 50% up to nearly 300 tons a year. The number of personnel at Fermion’s Hanko plant is expected to remain at the current level or approximately 160 persons.

Fermion’s key products include entacapone, manufactured at the Hanko plant, which is used in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and azathioprine, which is used as an antirejection drug in organ transplants. The latter is also included in the World Health Organization Essential Medicines List. Fermion is also a manufacturer of methotrexate, used in treating cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, and the producer of 6-mercaptopurine, used in treating leukemia and Crohn’s disease. These two products are manufactured at the company’s Oulu, Finland plant.

Nearly 100% of Fermion’s production is exported. The largest markets are the US and Europe, according to information from the company.

Source: Orion


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