Friulchem Forms Animal Health Pact

Friulchem S.p.A., an Italy-based chemical-pharmaceutical company for innovator and generic pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary health, has finalized an exclusive worldwide license, development, and supply agreement involving its soft-chew technology with Skyline Vet Pharma, a specialty veterinary pharmaceutical company.

The manufacturing method (patent pending in different countries) provides chunks (called FC-cubes) with 100% prehension, 99% palatability, full control on composition homogeneity, and weight and stability of active ingredients without the drawbacks of production by extrusion, according to the company. The first product is under development, and the project has been discussed with the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the US Food and Drug Administration.

Skyline Vet Pharma is developing products for  the companion animal health market and recently received $5 million in Series A financing from AgTech Accelerator.

Over the past several years, Friulchem has added veterinary services (micronization, granulation, blending, spray-drying, and nutraceuticals) and the self-development of veterinary drug products and feed for animals by strengthening its internal research and development capabilities. The new agreement will allow Friulchem to expand its veterinary line for the care of cats, dogs, and horses.

Source: Friulchem

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