Friulchem Reports on Recent Patent Developments for APIs and Finished Products

Friulchem S.p.A., a Vivaro, Italy-based contract development and manufacturing organization for innovator and generic pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary use, reports on several recent patent developments.

The company has received a patent in the US with patent review underway in Europe and Mexico relating to new methods for preparing highly purified rifaximin, a semi-synthetic antibiotic, and for a new pseudo-crystalline form of rifaximin. The process is based on the synthesis of rifaximin from rifamycin O, an antibiotic, and involves crystallization and further purification of rifaximin, which is then used in finished drug products for human and veterinary use.

The company also reported on the use of a proprietary matrix (FC-Balls) for the vectorization of active Ingredients. The FC-Balls are used to facilitate the introduction of drugs (antibiotics, antiparasiticides, and supplements) into finished products that use water as an excipient, diluent, or carrier. The company notes that it allows the administration of active ingredients, even if insoluble, in various concentrations in water for various applications.

Friulchem also has filed patents in the US, European Union, Brazil, Australia, and Mexico for a manufacturing method based on compression for making chewable drug formulations (FC-Cube) for pets and horses rather than conventional methods.

Source: Friulchem

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