GE Healthcare in Serum Testing Program

GE Healthcare and Oritain, a company using forensic science to determine product provenance, are launching an independent test-based traceability program to authenticate the country of origin of fetal bovine serum (FBS).

FBS is a cell-growth supplement used in the manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals and vaccines for human health and veterinary purposes as well as in basic research and drug discovery. 

GE Healthcare is already traceability-certified by the International Serum Industry Association, established to promote compliance with ethics in the practices of global animal serum and the animal-derived products supply industry, but to ensure that premium raw serum from Australia, New Zealand, and the US is from that country of origin, GE will now put its sera products through an additional testing process that goes beyond industry-standard traceability practices.

With GE’s new testing program, Oritain will perform independent testing of batch samples of FBS from Australia, New Zealand, and the US.

Source: GE Healthcare


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