GE Healthcare’s Life Sciences Expands Biomanufacturing Capabilities

GE Healthcare's Life Sciences reports that its European manufacturing and distribution site for sterile liquids has expanded its capabilities to include production of large volumes of buffers, process liquids, and cell culture media, and that it has launched a rapid production service for prototype cell culture media and buffers. The site in Pasching, Austria, mirrors the the business' Center of Excellence in Logan, Utah. The Pasching facility serves biopharmaceutical companies in over 40 countries across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Development and scale-up of bioprocesses frequently require quick manufacture of prototype media and buffers to facilitate timely process evaluation and fast implementation. GE's Pasching site now also offers Rapid Response Production services, enabling production of small volumes of prototype cell culture media and buffers within five days of ordering. GE's additional production capacity at Pasching has been developed over two years, with an investment of $4.3 million. The site is also a production and distribution center for Europe, with more than 300,000 individual product items shipped through the site per year.

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

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