GE Increases Cell-Culture Media Production

GE Healthcare Life Sciences is increasing the annual production capacity of its powdered cell-culture media by tenfold at its facility in Pasching, Austria. GE is also doubling its powdered cell-culture media manufacturing capacity in Logan, Utah as well as expanding the site’s stability-services offering.

GE has three cell-culture media production facilities globally: Pasching, Austria; Tuas, Singapore, opened in 2014; and Logan, Utah, where GE also has custom-media capabilities.

GE is running a manufacturing transformation project in Logan, Utah using GE’s software suite that combines manufacturing with software analytics. For example, GE says the new electronic batch record system will remove over seven million manual entries and reduce the time required to conduct 100,000 internal batch record quality reviews annually.

GE expects the digital solutions to provide greater transparency for biopharmaceutical companies as they will be receiving real-time data on their cell-culture media.

GE’s cell-culture media production facilities in Singapore and Logan, Utah have been certified according to the international standard for business-continuity management systems. The Pasching, Austria facility is scheduled to be certified in 2018.

Source: GE Healthcare Life Sciences

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